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About Us

The Philatelic Congress of India


The Philatelic Congress of India

National Philatelic Federation

Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

The Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) is the National Philatelic Federation of Philatelists and Philatelic Societies in India. It was formed in a Preparatory General Body meeting held in Calcutta (Kolkata) on 29th December 1975 during the National Philatelic Exhibition INPEX-1975. PCI was established as a National Federation in consulation and association of the Department of Post (DOP). It was agreed and as a general practice followed that philatelic activities shall be carried out by DOP in consultation with PCI. The Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed as per the recommendation of PCI.

As a Policy decision, it was decided between DOP and PCI that to maintain the pace and development of philately, State and National Level exhibition will be held every alternate year. Continental exhibitions and International World exhibitions will be held every 5 years and every 10 years, respectively. The frequency of the exhibitions are important to generate qualifying exhibits for moving to the next higher level. Irregularity in holding such events adversely effect the growth and development of competitive philately and have a cascading effect. Considering the importance of philately in various spheres, budgetary allocation for promotion of philately was mooted and initiated by PCI. The budgetary allocation (Govt. of India Central Budget) for the purpose needs to be properly utilized.

The PCI had organized the first Asian International Philatelic Exhibition ASIANA-77 held in Bangalore (Bengaluru) under the patronage of Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP). Thereafter, the PCI has been very actively involved and associated with the Department of Posts in the organization of INDIA-80, INDIA-89, INDEPEX-97 and INDIPEX-2011, the World Philatelic Exhibitions, held in New Delhi under the patronage of Federation Internationale De Philatelie (FIP) and auspices of FIAP, and also the 14th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition INDEPEX ASIANA-2000 held in Calcutta (Kolkata) under the patronage of FIAP and with the recognition of FIP. The PCI was instrumental in bringing the gems of world philately to India in these exhibitions, including the unique One Cent British Guiana, Hawaiian Missionaries, and Post Office Mauritius stamps in INDIA-80 and for the first time 12 exceedingly rare India 1854 Four Annas Head Inverted stamps brought from all over the world were exhibited under one roof in INDEPEX-97 Court of Honours.

International laurels and contribution by Philatelists from India
As a result of the efforts of the PCI, Indian Philatelists are able to take part in the International Philatelic Exhibitions held in different parts of the world. Indian Philatelists have secured very high awards including FIP / FIAP Grand Prix D' Honneur, Grand Prix International, Grand Prix National and Best Exhibit awards in several International Exhibitions.

Mr. D. N. Jatia and Brig. D. S. Virk, AVSM were invited to sign the most prestigious Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (RDP) in London. Mr. D. N. Jatia, Founder President of PCI, was elected as FIAP President (1981-1987) and FIP President for two terms (1990-1998). He was the first Non-European to get this honour and he was instrumental in framing the General Regulations for the FIP World Exhibitions (GREX) and General & Special Regulations for the Evaluation of the Exhibits (GREV and SREV). The PCI members have been nominated on various Committees and Commissions of the FIP and FIAP where they have made very significant contributions. Many of our members have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Philatelic Society, London.

Several books and journals written by eminent philatelists and members have been published by PCI and have been very well received and serve as excellent reference works.

The Philatelic Congress of India and the affiliated institutional members have developed Training Programmes and Workshops on different disciplines of Philately. Efforts are underway to develop more advanced programmes, including programmes for the training of apprentice jury.

Services and Activities of PCI – A Brief

  • Quarterly Journal - Signet

    The Philatelic Congress of India has a quarterly journal ‘SIGNET’, which gives extensive coverage to all philatelic news of interest to Indian Philatelists. National and International news, reports of the activities of member societies, FIP and FIAP news, reports on exhibitions and a number of other features appear in every issue.

  • Accredited Judges

    The Philatelic Congress of India has a large number of experienced philatelists who are FIP / FIAP accredited International, PCI accredited National and State Level jurors. A detailed list of the Jurors is available on our website.

  • Awards & Medals

    The Philatelic Congress offers Special Awards and Medals at FIP / FIAP International Philatelic Exhibitions. Seminars

  • Seminars

    From time to time, the Philatelic Congress of India organizes Seminars and Workshops on various disciplines of philately in different parts of the country.


  • Exhibitions

    The Philatelic Congress of India grants recognition and patronage to the National Philatelic Exhibitions meeting the requisite standards and stipulations, so that the awards announced are recognised at international level.

  • Meetings

    Apart from the Annual General Body Meeting, the Quarterly Regional Meetings of the PCI are held in different parts of the country to facilitate the members to get involved and know more about philatelic activities, which are usually followed by the Governing Council meetings. A Bi-Annual General Body meeting is held to elect the new Governing Council of the PCI for a term of two years.

  • PCI Awards 2021

    Almost 100 philatelists across the country have been conferred with Philatelic Ratna, Fellowship and Certificate of Appreciation awards. These provide recognition of their yeomen services to promote philately and the activities of PCI. A section of senior officers of Department of Post have also been honored by PCI with Certificate of Appreciation.

  • PCI Youth Academy

    The PCI Youth Academy was recently launched at an impressive virtual/physical function at Bengaluru. Various online activities, seminars and philatelic talks are planned under the academy.

Past Presidents:

Following are the Past Presidents of Philatelic Congress of India

  1. Mr. D. N. Jatia
  2. Mr. G. B. Pai
  3. Mr. G. C. Jain
  4. Mr. V. N. S. Rau
  5. Mr. P. Gupta
  6. Mr. S. P. Chatterjee
  7. Mr. Dhirubhai Mehta
  8. Col. L. G. Shenoi
  9. Brig. D. S. Virk
  10. Mr. V. S. Dastur
  11. Mr. M. G. Pittie
  12. Mr. Sahadeva Sahoo
  13. Mr. Dilip Shah
  14. Mr. Ajeet Singhee
  15. Mrs. Damyanti Pittie

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